"China Science and Technology Journals Development Blue Book (2019)" Finalization Meeting Held in Beijing
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More than 20 members of the "Blue Book (2019)" expert committee director, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wang Enge and other relevant persons attended the meeting. Song Jun, a member of the Party Committee of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, and secretary of the Secretariat attended the meeting. And made a detailed introduction to the overall compilation of the Blue Book (2019).

Brief speech

Wang Enge fully affirmed the achievements of the "Blue Book" and pointed out that the "Blue Book" has gradually formed its own characteristics and development tone since its publication. It has been widely recognized in the industry and achieved gratifying results. He emphasized that China's sci-tech periodicals are at the stage of learning and development, and the Blue Book (2019) should effectively play a guiding role in academic evaluation policies and international publication strategies, and steadily improve the development level of China's sci-tech periodicals and the right to speak internationally.
Song Jun's "Blue Book" has distinctive characteristics of the times. Over the past three years, it has been committed to serving the national strategy, keeping up with the needs of the majority of science and technology workers, and combining closely with the trend of journal development. It has become an authoritative and instructive brand. Implement a specific measure required by the central government to cultivate world-class journals.

Other participants

Academician Lu Xicheng, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Xingping, deputy director of the Academic Department of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology, and Peng Bin, general manager of China Science Publishing and Media Co., Ltd., and other experts put forward specific amendments to the Blue Book (2019). The chapter leaders reported the writing of each chapter. The participating experts discussed the overall situation and specific content of the Blue Book (2019), and put forward clear amendments.

About the Blue Book (2019)

The theme of "Blue Book (2019)" is "The Development Path of World-Class Scientific and Technological Periodicals". It is edited by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology and organized by experts from the Service Center of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology. It is planned to be published in September 2019. The problems, methods and concepts of construction will enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese sci-tech periodicals and promote the high-quality development of Chinese sci-tech periodicals.

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