Notice of the 8th Member Congress of the Chinese University Sci-tech Journals Research Association
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The eighth member congress of the Association is scheduled to be held in Beijing on June 27-28, 2019. The relevant matters are notified as follows.
01 The 14th Executive Council meeting of the 7th session, the 6th Council meeting of the 7th session, the 14th meeting of the 7th executive committee, and the 6th meeting of the 7th committee are scheduled to be held on June 28 from 8:20 to 9:20 in the morning. Main agenda: 1) Discuss the work report of the seventh session of the council, a report on the amendment of the charter, a financial work report, and documents on the standard of contributions; 2) Discuss the list of candidates for the 8th session of the council members, executive directors and principals 3) Discuss and decide the specific procedures of the member congress.
02 The 8th Member Congress The 8th Member Congress was held on June 28 from 9:30 to 12:00. The main agenda of the meeting: 1) reviewing the preparations for the general election; 2) reviewing and voting on the relevant reports; 3) reviewing and voting on the standard of dues; 4) the election of the scrutineer and the voter; 5) the election of the eighth council member; 6) Vote on other matters. The eighth member congress is composed of members of the seventh session of the Council, candidates for the eighth session of the Council, and other representatives recommended by the regions. If the member self-represents a representative, please contact the member of the board of directors of the Association as soon as possible to confirm whether there are any remaining delegates. The person in charge and contact information of each region can be found in Annex 1 of the notice.
03 The eighth session of the eighth council, the eighth session of the executive council and the eighth session of the council are scheduled to be held at 14:00 on June 28, the main agenda: 1) Election of the eighth council executive director, chairman, deputy director Chief Secretary, Secretary General; 2) Review and vote on the management methods of the internal institutions and branches of the seminar, as well as the establishment of internal institutions and branches; 3) Review and vote on the management system of the directors of the seminar; 4) propose a new term of the seminar The work of the council is envisaged.
The eighth executive council meeting was held at 15:30 pm on June 28. The main agenda: 1) the appointment of the deputy secretary-general, the principals of the internal institutions and branches (or proposed candidates); 2) the determination of the main research meeting Responsible for division of labor; 3) Discuss work in the second half of 2019.
04 Report time and place for other conference matters: Participants should report in the hotel lobby on June 27th from 10:00 to 20:00. For the traffic guidance of Beijing Wanfangyuan Hotel (No. 4, South Third Ring West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, 010-67526666), please refer to Appendix 2 of the notice.
Meeting and accommodation costs. No meeting fee will be charged for this meeting. Participants must pay for their own transportation and accommodation expenses. The standard accommodation fee is RMB 550 per standard room (2 beds).
Other considerations.
1) The 8th member congress is limited to the members of the 7th council, the candidates for the 8th council, and other representatives recommended by the regions. If members want to register for the meeting, they must contact the governing group of the province in which they are located. The responsible person confirms.
2) On the afternoon of June 28, representatives of members who are not members of the eighth session will be invited to visit the theme exhibition of the National Museum. Participants are requested to register in advance to facilitate the ride (departure from the hotel at 13:40 and return to the hotel at 16:30. End of the visit Delegates who do not return directly to the hotel are required to bring carry-on luggage, and return by themselves after the visit).
3) The list of delegates from each region (including accommodation information, afternoon visit list on the 28th, etc.) is compiled by the head of the governing group, and returned to the secretariat of the research institute by June 10, 2019. Email: cn .

China University Sci-Tech Journals Research Association
April 12, 2019


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