China Association for Science and Technology Held Symposium on Sci-tech Periodical Construction
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On April 3, the Sci-tech Periodicals Construction Symposium was held in the China Science and Technology Hall. Huai Jinpeng, Party Secretary, Executive Vice Chairman and First Secretary of the Chinese Science Association chaired the meeting. .
Yang Huaming, co-founder of BGI and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Xiangxiang, president of the Beijing Collaborative Innovation Institute, Ma Bin, vice president of Tencent, Fu Qiang, senior researcher at Alibaba Damo Institute, and other non-public scientific and technological institutions, and general manager of Science Publishing House Peng Bin, Du Xian, editor-in-chief of People's Medical Publishing House, Han Zheng, deputy editor-in-chief of Higher Education Press, and Lu Dongming, Zhejiang University Press, and other relevant persons in charge of the publishing unit attended the meeting. Participants conducted exchanges and discussions on issues such as the participation of high-quality non-public scientific and technological institutions in running journals, the construction of clusters of periodicals, and the construction of digital publishing and communication platforms, and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions.

Huai Jinpeng pointed out that advancing the construction of world-class sci-tech periodicals is a basic project for building a strong country in science and technology, and has great strategic significance for the development of China's science and technology. At present, China's sci-tech periodicals are developing well, and academic quality and service capabilities have made considerable progress. However, in the face of future scientific and technological development, especially the need for sci-tech periodicals to serve the national innovation capacity building, there is still a real gap in sci-tech periodicals in China. Facing the new round of rapid growth and development of science and technology, China's technology development in emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, and virtual reality and blockchain is very good. Academic papers and patents have obvious advantages in the world. How can we better leverage our advantages? Building first-class scientific journals and improving their ability to serve scientific and technological innovation is our priority.
Huai Jinpeng emphasized that the China Association for Science and Technology must unite all parties to explore new mechanisms to accelerate the development of China's sci-tech periodicals industry through the cooperation of capital and the market. Bring into play the integration advantages of non-public enterprises and innovate publishing models. Promote R & D cooperation in emerging areas of advantage, transform the latest achievements, and seize the commanding heights of technology. Deeply excavate the advantages and advantages of enterprises and innovate the knowledge service model. Through clustered journals, we will gather integrated literature resources and extend the service chain. Strengthen the construction of talent team and enhance the construction ability. Break through geographical restrictions, and promote the systematization and internationalization of the journalistic procession and process. Broaden communication channels and build an international digital publishing platform. Make full use of big data and artificial intelligence to revolutionize communication channels and promote the development of sci-tech journals in various ways.
Relevant persons in charge of the General Office of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Planning and Finance, the Research and Propaganda Department, the Academic Department, the Society Service Center, the Science and Technology Guide, and the China Science and Technology Press attended the meeting.

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