The 12th Internet Conference of Press and Publishing Industry Converged Publishing and Cross-Border Innovation Held in Beijing
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From January 11th to 12th, 2019, the Twelfth Internet Development Conference of the Press and Publication Industry hosted by the China Publishing Association and the China Press and Publication Institute was held in Beijing Tianjian Hotel. The theme of this conference is "convergent publishing, cross-border innovation". Through annual Internet report release and honorary promotion activities, it will sort out the annual industry development results, promote innovation experience, establish a brand image, and discuss the prospects for the integrated development of news publishing and the Internet. .
Jiang Jianmin, director of the Publishing Research Department of the Publishing Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, Wang Liming, deputy secretary-general of the China Publishing Association, Wei Yushan, president of the China Academy of Press and Publication, Dong Yimin, deputy secretary of the party committee and secretary of the disciplinary committee, attended the conference. The opening ceremony of the conference was chaired by Huang Xiaoxin, secretary of the party committee and vice president of the China Academy of Press and Publications, and Zhang Li, vice president of the institute, chaired the main forum.

Jiang Jianmin, Director, Publishing Research Division, Publishing Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department

Jiang Jianmin believes that based on the past work, the transformation and upgrading of the publishing industry and the integrated development work should focus on the following four aspects. The first is to carry out evaluation work on digital transformation and upgrading of publishing units, summarize and refine the different modes and directions of transformation and upgrading, improve the classification index system, and launch a batch of typical models to provide reference and demonstration for industry transformation and upgrading. The second is to strengthen the construction of digital publishing talents, improve the training system for digital publishing talents, and cultivate innovative and composite management and management talents and backbones that meet the requirements of integrated development through centralized training, off-the-job learning, inspection exchanges, and corporate training. Editorial and technical talent. The third is to carry out the collection, selection and promotion of excellent content and technology integration projects and products, which can be either new applications and new models, or original digital content products. In particular, it launched a number of digital reading products with the theme of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People ’s Republic of China. It launched an extensive and in-depth “Book Fragrant China e-Reading Activity”, in order to create a strong atmosphere to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and played a positive role in digital publishing and digital reading. . The fourth is to work with relevant departments to study policies and measures to promote digital reading for all, strengthen the construction of digital reading infrastructure, and promote the equalization of public services for digital reading. Give full play to the advantages of digital reading, combine poverty alleviation, mental support, and wisdom to help win the battle against poverty.
Jiang Jianmin said that this year it will support China Press and Publication Research Institute, China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association and other industries exhibitions such as Shenzhen Cultural Expo Digital Publishing Exhibition, China Digital Publishing Expo, and China Digital Reading Conference, and release annual development reports of digital publishing and digital reading industry. , To provide a platform for the industry to exchange and demonstrate digital experience and provide guidance for the transformation and upgrading of publishing units.
Jiang Jianmin affirmed the important role played by the Internet Development Conference of the Press and Publication Industry to promote the technological transformation and upgrading of the industry. He believes that the conference will become better and better, becoming an important think tank for the exchange of new ideas and experiences in the industry, an important platform for incubation and display of new projects and new products, an important window to observe the development direction of new technologies and new applications, and to promote the integrated development of the press and publishing industry. Play a greater role to help the industry better implement the spiritual requirements of turning the Internet into the largest increment.
Wei Yushan released the "2018 National Internet Development Report of the Press and Publication Industry." This year's report is divided into "A Summary of the Development of the Internet Platform for the Press and Publishing Industry in 2018" and "The" Two Micro One End "Operation Report of the Reading Industry in 2018". In the overview section of the Report, the development of the Internet platform of the press and publishing industry in 2018 is introduced from five aspects: knowledge services, book e-commerce, reading promotion, digital education and publishing brands. In the field of digital publishing, new media and platforms operated by news publishing units in the field of digital publishing have begun to enter the operating period and the period of profitability. Knowledge services have achieved leapfrog development with the help of sound markets. The scale of self-operated e-commerce of publishing institutions has expanded, and the right to speak has been strengthened. The rise of second-hand book e-commerce platforms. Leading companies in the regional or subdivision of digital education have emerged one after another, and the reading promotion platform has become an important window for the news publishing industry to retain users, develop users, and increase the influence of communication.
The report also analyzes the three major platforms of the “two micro-ends” of the reading industry. Through the three indexes of Weibo Communication Index BCI, WeChat Communication Index WCI, and Client Mobile Download Index ADI, it analyzes the communication performance of new media products and gives recommendations. : "Content is king" to adapt to new changes in platform functions and strengthen community development; seek and fill in gaps between niche and niche information, and achieve market breakthroughs; precise positioning, anti-stiffness and innovation to maintain a personalized personality; based on the masses, spread socialism Core values, to achieve the unification of social and economic benefits; "user-oriented" in-depth excavation of internal needs, "market as the key link" focused on enhancing account value.

Huang Xiaoxin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of China Academy of Press and Publication

Zhang Li, Vice President, China Academy of Press and Publication

Dong Yimin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of China Academy of Press and Publication

The conference also announced the 2018 Internet Innovators, Annual Outstanding Information Operation Officer, Publishing Brand Platform, Digital Education Platform, Reading Promotion Platform, Knowledge Service Platform, Book E-commerce Platform, and Excellent Innovation Projects.

The conference is divided into opening ceremony, theme forum, industry think tank and knowledge service sub-forum, book e-commerce and new media marketing sub-forum, digital education and digital reading sub-forum. In the main forum of the conference, Du Huailiang, Chief Technology Officer of Inspur Group Beijing, Shen Hao, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the Communication University of China, Jiang Hao, General Manager of Beijing Xingyi Technology Co., Ltd. Jiang Zhanfeng, General Manager of Xinhua Bookstore Main Store, Child Education Writer, Founder of "Children's Book Mom Sanchuan Ling", Deputy President of Intellectual Property Publishing House, Zhang Yong, Director and Editor-in-Chief of Reader Group, Ma Yongqiang, Li Changjing, Director of Operations of Media Publishing Industry, Xinhua Pioneer, Wang Xiaodong, Guangdong Publishing Group Digital Publishing Co., Ltd. General Manager Qu Biru gave speeches to discuss the prospects for the integrated development of journalism and the Internet. More than 400 people from publishing units, periodical units, distribution companies, digital technology service providers and other units across the country attended the meeting.


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