Thinking Across Borders: How to Develop Cultural IP for Journals
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Abstract: As China's academic paper volume ranks first in the world, as a social science journal, how to develop it into a cultural IP through effective planning, docking and derivative services, and then convert it into cultural productivity, and obtain certain economic benefits. It is a new subject worth exploring.
Keywords: cross-border thinking; cultural IP; social science journals According to the "Scientific and Engineering Indicators 2018" report released by the National Science Foundation [1], in 2016, 426,000 academic papers were published in China, surpassing the US 40.9 for the first time. 10,000 copies, becoming the first in the world. The academic community has different views on the understanding of this number. On the one hand, in terms of volume, with the continuous improvement of the level of Chinese culture and education, especially the expansion of colleges and universities, and the expansion of interdisciplinary professional fields, the academic research and development capabilities in various fields have generally developed significantly compared to the past; Behind the huge number of papers, how to identify real and effective R & D capabilities and how to avoid wasting the results of these papers has become a problem for many scholars, governments and research institutions.
As a periodical media, how to provide effective media resources for academically capable experts, scholars, and high-end talents, change their thinking, and aim to transform the research and development achievements into productivity, and create a cultural Intellectual Property (IP), which is the focus of this article. Discussion topics.

1 Clarify the concept of "cultural IP"

Those familiar with the film and television industry will find that these years people talk about the success of a work and often mention the word "cultural IP". Although the overall investment in China's film and television industry is relatively cold recently due to the influence of the general environment, people are no longer superstitious that the so-called cultural IP must be a sign of success, but the IP network novel rights that can be bought for tens of thousands of years ago, By 2018, some have reached tens of millions of yuan, and the cultural spillover effect in the middle can be seen [2]. So, what exactly is this so-called "cultural IP" that is labeled as a cultural high net worth indicator?
According to Chen Yan, director and general manager of China Cultural Industry Development Group, one of the curators of the first cultural IP exhibition [3], the concept of IP is relatively chaotic in the current market. The current definition of IP is intellectual property, including industrial property rights consisting of invention patents, trademarks, industrial designs, etc., and also includes copyrights in works in the natural sciences, social sciences, and literature, music, theater, painting, sculpture, and photography. . In the contemporary context, the IP concept has been applied generically. Today's cultural IP refers to the connection and fusion of a cultural product. It is a cultural symbol with high recognition, self-contained traffic, strong liquidation ability, and long liquidation period. At its core is good content and a predictable audience that can be marketed and commercialized.
According to the author ’s observation, the current cultural IP creation in the film and television industry is more about a cultural work. Through the early IP operation layout and surrounding development, while creating high-quality creations, combined with the audience ’s expectation of product adhesion, the IP products are Creative process with longer cycle and larger product line expansion.
In short, the so-called cultural IP is not just the intellectual property of a work, a more precise expression is what we commonly call the so-called "intangible assets". Today, digitally, its core and reference values are expressed as content and flow. In this way, the concept of cultural IP is clear at a glance.

2 Missing Cultural IP Development: Imperfection behind the Impact Factors of Social Science Journals

For the academic community, if the paper only travels in the old paper pile and is transmitted in a closed channel, its influence factor is often limited. Some scholars have found that after the influence factor is controlled by the "reproduction rate", often academically relatively immature fields tend to produce results and have high reprint rates, but this is not necessarily related to the good or bad research results. Especially for scholars engaged in social science research, in addition to their own works being cited by other academics, it seems that it is difficult to write thesis and articles in line with academic expectations in the field of science and technology.
For a long time, before the emergence of "two micro-ends", social science journals did not build an effective interactive platform between authors and audiences. In addition to one-time publication sales, the content product has a weak monetization ability and lacks long-term development. . In other words, this is the lack of awareness of cultural IP development in the academic world, and the production of spiritual products and the docking of audiences have lagged and blind spots.
From an economic perspective [4], property rights become valuable when they become scarce. There is a cost to maintaining property rights; when the benefits are not enough to offset the costs, property rights cannot occur. In other words, if scholars' research is not grounded and lacks early development and follow-up, valuable cultural IP will be easily swallowed up by massive information, and the development of intangible assets will become a piece of paper.

3 Transboundary Thinking: How Social Science Journals Develop Cultural IP

In 2017, China's publishing, printing and distribution services (excluding digital publishing) achieved operating income of 18 11.92 billion yuan [5], and according to Tencent's 2018 financial report [6], its total annual revenue of 31.2694 billion yuan, the entire publishing industry Annual GDP is almost impossible to shake a head internet company. According to an authoritative source from the Media Supervision Bureau, the advertising volume of the Internet industry in 2018 was three times that of traditional media (including radio and television news and publishing), and traditional media failed to connect users. Among them, the proportion of periodicals in traditional media profit decreased from 0.93% to 0.80%. This made the news authorities feel ashamed and anxiety for the entire industry.
3.1 Touching by category: Cross-border cultural figures are used to figure out the cultural success, and the integration of successful experience is also a cultural industry. What is the biggest difference? The key is to fail to connect users and lack cultural IP awareness. For example, Tencent's game costume drama "Flower Thousand Bone" created by Tencent can drive sales in the Internet film and television, publishing, games, and electronic shopping industries, especially the gaming industry. In 2017, Tencent alone earned revenues of 97.8 billion yuan. Its cultural IP penetration effect as a cross-border, cross-media, momentary limelight.
Think about why investors in the Internet industry are keen to talk about cultural IP in recent years because they have seen that behind the mature film and television industry in Hollywood, the United States is not just making a movie. In the early stage of film and television development, investors knew very well The spillover benefits behind the success of a film and television film often come from the subsequent development of derivative products, such as Disneyland, which is based on film and television works and prototype characters, is the best proof. The characters in a successful film and television work are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and become the spokespersons for certain spiritual products. In the future, the entire cultural tourism industry may be engulfed, driving more and larger industrial chains, and then becoming leading products.
For example, the cultural IP of a TV series filmed recently with the online novel "Changan Twelve Hours" as a transcript has been published. From the artist Yi Yi Qian Xi who shined in "Chang'an Twelve Hours" recently, we have seen a cultural IP that was once unfavorable for walking. As a top-notch traffic figure after 00, Yi Yi Qianxi defeated countless peers and predecessors with strength and powerful data, becoming the first spokesperson for Tmall's ideal life, and stood out with his outstanding ability to take goods and popularity. The endorsement fee was up to 80 million . What's astounding is that in order to help it gain its popularity, Jack Ma, Alibaba's president, has invested heavily in advertising for all subways in Shanghai and more than 600 theater TVs across the country to promote it. The open-screen advertisements were replaced with Yi Qian Qianxi ’s avatar, covering over 1.9 billion people, and the entire marketing project spent 323 million. Behind Yi Xi Qianxi's success is based on the young man's outstanding performance in variety shows and especially the film and television works, and his "introverted calm, diligent and focused, versatile" cultural IP came to paper.
3.2 For my use: A preliminary study of the IP model of the social science journal polishing culture. With the overall transformation of the news industry, it is regrettable that from Beijing to Shanghai, the newspaper kiosks on the streets are gradually disappearing, and more It is surprising that some head social science journals and newspapers directly announced the closure of their publications in order to stop losses, and wasted many years of cultural IP, which is the intangible assets of the journals. In fact, in recent years, the periodical community has survived more knowledge-based social science periodicals with a certain degree of professionalism. In the era of knowledge economy, "professionalism" is the lifeblood of deep-cultivated periodicals. And good at digging out hidden media assets and building a cultural IP industry chain is a small trend that has emerged in the industry downturn.
When a magazine is in operation for many years, it often has a cultural influence on a certain level of audience. If you are a writer and you have published works in The Harvest, then people will immediately recognize your identity and work. If it comes to fashion taste, people will naturally think of ELLE or the cover characters of fashion journals. Being able to put on the cover of a business journal means the commercial value of an artist in the advertising, fashion and performing arts ... When an author wants to publish his own work, he often considers the influence factors behind the magazine. As far as journals are concerned, in order to ensure the quality of the content, they will continue to find and support the most potential and influential author resources. Hidden behind this is what we call the cultural IP ignored by the world.
In recent years, the procuratorial magazine where the author is, like many social science journals that are trying to transform, has sought from two micro-ends and even more channels to find development models that expand influence and profit points: such as using brand value to open " "Prosecutors of the Year" awards, promoting the social influence and popularity of journals through television media and award speeches; through online platforms such as "Today's Headlines", recommend articles with a certain audience attention and stickiness, and expand cultural influence At the same time, we will improve economic efficiency while cooperating with relevant procuratorial and publicity departments. We will compile cases of law popularization published in journals into dramas, promote them to grass-roots procuratorates and communities, and carry out law publicity and public service ... Of course, this is not enough. In fact, the intangible assets of a magazine are not the same. For an editing team with a planning ability and a social science media with rich author resources, every outstanding planner or senior author is an excellent mobile IP, an author A good book can be launched, and a good selection of topics may develop a series of derivatives. For example, the planning of a journal related to legislation ranges from the motion of the people's deputies to multi-party investigations by representatives of the people's congress; from the brainstorming of government-led cohesion of elites from all walks of life to the formation of draft legislation and amendment of laws; from the popularization of formal legislation to the implementation of laws The latter line of police officers and the masses' implementation feedback will involve different strata and related groups. A series of forward-looking plans for social science journals can often contribute to the effective implementation of a bill. After the implementation of laws and policies, the elaboration and implementation of research results in academic circles, the development of follow-up social resources and the purchase of social services, the training of professionals in the relevant new law and revised law, etc., have a lot of room for operation, which is an urgent need for social science journals Depression of cultural IP value.
For another example, the past content of the social science journal "Qingfengyuan" was limited to the publicity of procuratorial work in Jiangsu Province. In recent years, with the rise of WeChat Internet cafes, they have launched the prosecutor Da V (referring to Sina (Tencent, Netease, and other microblogging platforms have received personal certifications, Weibo users with many fans) as magazine spokespersons, the new product launch conference hosted by it, attracted many cross-border guests. After undergoing various revisions and transformation attempts, the social science journal began to focus on creating a prosecutor courseware APP with prosecutors as the main speaker, and sought out lecturers among the outstanding prosecutors across the country, through WeChat friend recommendations and identity verification. Achieve precise audience docking. The development of this product is becoming the high-quality cultural IP of the magazine. From a social and economic perspective, this product is already on its way to success.
As far as academic journals are concerned, successful cases worthy of reference have also sprung up. For example, Luo Zhenyu [6], a cross-border character, used a talk show to attract a large number of elite audiences full of knowledge needs through a talk show. He used the most traditional The mode of oral advertisements, with its own personality charm, erected a cultural IP represented by intellectual elites. Behind the competition in the ratings of the New Year's Eve shows with his own strength, his cultural IP has become popular. The "Get App" developed by him embeds various paid books and paid learning courses that are convenient for adult learning needs. Through his own cultural IP, he has attracted the media elite and venture capitalist Zhang Quanling to join. The products it promotes, from books to sales of knowledge products, from tangible products to intangible products, have opened up a blue ocean of knowledge economy for many professional social science periodicals, and created a comparatively strong cultural IP for social science periodicals Copy of success.

4 Prospects for the development of cultural IP in social science journals

With the country's strong support for the cultural industry, and the continuous progress of science and technology, combined with the status of social science journals, the author believes that the current cultural IP expansion will present the following development trends:
4.1 The cultural IP market of social science journals is in a low-lying land with rich resources and broad prospects. Compared to the cultural film, television and entertainment industries, the matrix of social science journals that gather elites from all walks of life is almost a virgin place for the development of the cultural IP industry. Create a recognizable image of media spokespersons (such as WeChat public account, media spokespersons), a call-to-action scholars database (talent resource database), a credible case data support resource (cultural information database), and a distribution channel with docking value (Customer resource database) is an element for mining the cultural IP of journals.
The biggest hidden asset behind the brand of the journal is the long-term influence of like-minded authors and readers who help each other. In terms of content, a good idea and a good planning team can provide the most important cultural quality guarantee for a good cultural IP. Nothing is left behind, good ideas are the primary factor for the success of the journal.
4.2 Carrying out cross-border cooperation to provide possibilities for the expansion of cultural IP in social science journals and market space. Cross-border cooperation in social science journals is an important guarantee for revitalizing their cultural IP resources. Although social science journals can connect with a certain number of authors and audiences, often the channels and number are limited. Therefore, by using WeChat to find and develop effective audiences for social science journals, and using online platforms with large traffic to launch their own cultural products, social science journals can often increase their social influence.
Each social science journal has its own professional incision. The more professional the niche, the more likely it is to become a high-quality asset. For example, scientific and technological journals can make articles on new scientific and technological products, technological research and development, and product launches; legal journals can walk on multiple legs in terms of legal services, academic exchanges, knowledge economy, film and television creation; film and television journals can expand their business scope To script collection, film and television investment, talent exchange ...
You can also learn from the practice of the Bund Pictorial, which has stopped publishing paper media to develop new media. [7] According to the author ’s observation, after developing the WeChat public account, they used the attitude and taste of Shanghai-style cultural life conveyed in the content of their journal At the back end, it launched three e-commerce flagship stores, including Shiliupu, The Bund Girl and Life Hall. Compared with Taobao's vast shops, it has its own unique cultural IP in the e-commerce sector. Through reading and sales, shopping and life, the cultural IP of the journal has been implicitly applied to each sales link. Professional people do professional things, and the credibility, authority and recognition of the social science journal brand value is an important backing for the development of cultural IP.
4.3 Technology advances rapidly, provides technical support and accurate docking for IP development. A good technology concept stock can take you to the sky, not to mention that in the content of the journal, countless good concepts and good trends are waiting for the audience to explore. Some scholars believe that the reserves of articles or information resources of a social science journal often cannot play much role, but if the square matrix of social science journals that gathers elites from all walks of life can be formed into a huge high-end database, then the cultural IP behind this Value cannot be underestimated.
With the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, cultural IP development has also been technically guaranteed. For example, blockchain can be used to guarantee the transmission of high-level, high-net-worth articles and intellectual property protection; artificial intelligence can help users find accurate ways to dock in a large number of articles; and big data can use various algorithms to make academic research difficult. It is like a blind person touching the image, turning various social course journal data into soft gold that can drive the knowledge economy to take off ...
4.4 Utilize policy resources and vigorously attract investment. The core creative team of nurturing journals. With China's strong support for science, technology and cultural industries, social science journals must learn to make good use of policy resources. For journals with cultural IP, we must pay close attention to the investment of public funds from the government and society, seize opportunities in a timely manner, attract investment through project cooperation, and revitalize journal resources. For example, legal journals can attract public welfare funds and provide a continuous stream of content products and services for public interest litigation and legal aid ...

5 Conclusion

In short, the author believes that drawing on cross-border ideas, building cultural IP into a product form accepted by the audience, and creating a longer and more updated product line are "small trends" worth looking forward to in the future development of social science journals.
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