Huai Jinpeng: Periodicals are about science and technology competitiveness and cultural soft power
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World-class scientific and technological journals represented by "Nature", "Science" and "Cells", etc., have contributed important forces to the development of science and technology in the world due to the publication of the latest cutting-edge scientific discoveries and technological innovations. At the same time, the global journal community is also facing new challenges. For example, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has made unreasonable restrictions on the participation of Huawei employees and Huawei-funded individuals in reviewing this year. The scientific community has caused serious harm. We deeply understand that the contribution of sci-tech journals to China and the world is very important. We advocate and support the concept of borderlessness and non-discrimination in the global science and technology community. From this perspective, it is of great significance to promote the development of Chinese sci-tech periodicals and compete for the right to speak in the international periodicals.
From the perspective of deepening reforms, intensifying the reform of the scientific and technological system and mechanisms requires both an overall and systematic approach, as well as precise efforts in important areas and key links. Sci-tech periodicals have small entrances, but they involve a large area. They are related to the national scientific and technological competitiveness and cultural soft power. They are related to the overall reform of the scientific and technological system. They are related to the scientific and technological communication and scientific evaluation of the scientific and publishing circles. The complex, systematic and basic engineering that penetrates technology and society.
In recent years, many new changes have occurred in the publishing of scientific and technological journals at home and abroad, mainly in three aspects:
1. From a macro perspective, intensification, marketization and internationalization have become the general trend. Through the differentiation of single journals, derivative journals, series of journals, and the combination of journals and domains, not only publishing, but also the integration of services and personnel training, has formed a comprehensive industry chain, supply chain and entrepreneurship chain publishing system.
2. From the middle level, the publishing industry has formed a trend of digitalization, platformization and network. In particular, the formation of platforms and networks has promoted open communication and open access.
3. At the micro level, the readers have formed a trend of individualized business formats, professionalism in serving readers, and diversification in publishing service exchanges.
In summary, we are facing a new change in the publishing industry, sci-tech periodicals, and the combination of sci-tech innovation and economy. We need to continuously lead innovation and promote new products. The reform of sci-tech periodicals is imperative.
At the same time, it should be noted that in recent years, China's contribution to world scientific and technological innovation has increased significantly, and it has become the world's largest and fastest-growing research output country. In 2018, China's scientific research papers included in important international databases reached 418,000, ranking second in the world for ten consecutive years, and the number of highly cited papers and hot papers continued to rank third in the world. The total number of R & D personnel in China has reached 5.35 million, ranking first in the world for 6 consecutive years. A large number of outstanding scientists have grown up, and original scientific research results continue to emerge. In comparison, the shortcomings of China's sci-tech periodicals are prominent, with low international visibility and weak academic influence. There are more than 200 types of sci-tech periodicals in the country, which are included in more than 200 important international databases. A large number of innovation results need to be published in foreign journals, and the scientific and technological community has a strong call for the construction of high-level academic journals.
As a responsible big country, China actively promotes the development of innovation, solves the problem of stuck necks, promotes independent innovation, makes China's contribution to the world, proposes China's solutions, and also tells the world the story of Chinese innovation and issues the voice of Chinese scientific and technological innovation. As a window for foreign exchange, sci-tech periodicals should shoulder the important mission of enhancing the influence of international communication and build China's cultural soft power.
In recent years, the development trend of Chinese technology brand journals has been strong. According to the Journal Citation Report published by SCI in 2019, 52 Chinese science and technology journals have entered the SCI impact factor Q1 area. At present, China has emerged a number of brand journals that represent China's disciplinary advantages and have international influence, such as "Cell Research", "Light: Science and Application", and "National Science Review". Reshaping the new status and image of Chinese sci-tech periodicals in the world has an important role.
The Chinese Association of Science and Technology has implemented the "Chinese Science and Technology Association Excellent Science and Technology Periodical Project" since 2006, the "Chinese Science and Technology Periodicals International Impact Enhancement Plan" since 2013, and the "China Science and Technology Period Publication Peak Action Plan" since 2016. The ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Excellent Action Plan for Chinese Sci-tech Journals". We hope to promote the development of journals through five aspects, such as leading journals, key journals, echelon journals, high starting point journals, and cluster pilots. At the same time, we will promote policy development and personnel training.
The construction of world-class scientific and technological journals is an unshirkable responsibility of the scientific and technological circles and journals. We need to jointly consider and plan the Chinese policy of cultivating world-class journals, jointly plan and review the global development situation, seize the opportunity, and promote development.
China Association for Science and Technology will set up a world-class scientific and technical journals construction expert committee to provide strategic consulting for the construction of first-class journals, promote the coordinated development of first-class institutes and first-class journals, promote the coordinated development of first-class universities, first-class disciplines, and first-class journals, and promote scientific and technological evaluation and scientific journals Make overall development, promote the coordinated development of sci-tech periodicals and international cooperation and exchange, and effectively combine knowledge publishing, value publishing, and civilized dissemination.
At the same time, it will build a database of Chinese science and technology publishing resources and establish an open access platform. Strengthen international exchanges in science, technology and journals through international cooperation, create a national publishing digital platform, promote cross-domain cooperation among enterprises, academics and periodicals, bring together global high-quality resources, contribute the scientific creativity and wisdom of Chinese science and technology journals to the world, and improve Chinese science The Journal's World Discourse Power and Influence.


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