Announcement on the Selection of Excellent Scientific Journals in 2019
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In order to further promote the rapid development of sci-tech journals in Chinese universities, enhance the editing and publishing capabilities and research level of sci-tech journal workers in universities, and expand academic exchanges, the Academic Work Department of the China Sci-Tech Journals Research Association organized the selection of outstanding scientific and scientific journals in 2019. activity.
During September 1-30, 2019, a total of 165 papers (work) were received (all were officially published or published from January 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019). After the strict review and selection of the excellent paper review group of the research society, and after the discussion and approval of the eighth executive council of the research society, it was determined that: 4 papers won the "Golden Pen Award for Excellent Works in 2019" (first prize), and 9 papers won research The "Silver Pen Award for Excellent Works in 2019" (Second Prize), 30 papers won the "Excellence Award for Excellent Works in 2019" (Third Prize).
In this excellent monograph selection activity, the trophy / certificate of gold pen award, silver pen award, and excellence award will be presented at the 23rd annual meeting of the seminar.

China University Sci-Tech Journals Research Association
November 1, 2019


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