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With the development of China's economy, the advancement of science and technology, the speed of information transmission is getting faster and faster, and the information is becoming more and more important. With the application of various electronic terminals (mobile phones, tablets, readers) of computers and mobile Internet, people write The content can be published at any time via blog, Weibo, WeChat, forum, etc. The use of language is more frequent and the content is more and more abundant. But at the same time, the phenomenon of logical confusion, word errors, and language anomie has become more and more serious. This article extracts common language errors from the editing work records for classification and analysis, in order to attract the author's attention when writing and reduce linguistic errors.
I. Conceptual errors People use mature language vocabulary to express their thoughts. First of all, respect the original meaning and express it. The content of the expression is not wrong. In writing, there are often errors such as vague concepts, misunderstood concepts, and misused concepts.
Example 1 This book systematically introduces the past and present of technology-based SME financing.
Past and Present: Refers to a person's previous life and this life. Financing is a process. It is advisable to change to the development process.
Example 2 The book was translated into multiple languages and distributed in multiple countries simultaneously.
Language and writing have different concepts. Writing is the symbol of the recorded language and the written form of the language. It is more appropriate to change it to "multiple texts".
Example 3 According to statistics, by the end of 2012, Beijing's permanent population had reached more than 20.69 million.
Up to a certain value, and more than 20.69 million, is an approximation, uncertain. Should be changed to "has exceeded 20.69 million people".
Example 4 This unit has more than ten graduate students, doctors and post-doctoral staff.
Postgraduates, including master's and doctoral students, are not suitable for both; post-doctoral and post-doctoral studies in higher education institutions or research institutions, and post-doctoral researchers. Changed to more than ten master, doctoral and postdoctoral staff.
Example 5 With the widespread use of the Internet, all kinds of yellow information have been flooded, and parents must not ban children from going online.
It must not be banned, it has become allowed, and the author means that parents are forced to do nothing and must be banned. Instead, parents have to ban children from going online.
Example 6 The Thai military, occupying major government agencies, overthrowing the caretaker government, taking over the state power, and arresting the main leaders of the two factions of political struggle, can not help but feel a sense of poverty.
Poor soldiers use all force to launch a war of aggression at will. The Thai military only occupied major government agencies, launched a coup, and did not use all force to launch an aggression. Change to "Disturbing".
Second, the vocabulary of wrong words is a collection of words in the language. Idioms, proverbs, break words, etc. are also regular forms of the language, and they are also part of the vocabulary. Lexical errors often include errors such as misunderstanding the meaning of words, creating words and idioms, misusing idioms, and shrinking at will.
Example 7 The first time I saw him, he had a thin body and a blank face. Shape refers to the structure between various parts of the human body; shape refers to the shape, which is more specific, such as size. Shape changed to shape.
Example 8 Thomas studied at the Los Angeles Film Academy. As a means of earning a living, he got involved in color grading.
Thomas should read a certain specialty, not college, and should be enrolled at the Los Angeles Film Academy; getting involved means entering a certain environment, realm, region, or scope, and should be involved in the field of color grading.
Example 9 After three months of adjustments to the system construction, there are still many problems and some are not satisfactory.
Inferior means that it is generally satisfactory. This sentence is used to express unsatisfactory and mixed meaning. Change to unsatisfactory.
Example 10 Come on, come on, let's dance together.
Dance is a noun, which is used improperly and changed to dancing.
Third, language expression errors Language expression errors usually occur at the same time, a variety of problems, such as sentences, grammatical problems, word order problems, expression logic problems, writing personal confusion. Language expression errors are also one of the most difficult errors to edit.
Example 11 ① Such an unbelievable gangster was arrested in March last year, ② After nearly a year of investigation, ③ prosecuted in February this year, ④ more than 800 volumes of criminal evidence materials, ⑤ a 17-day trial, ⑥ 20 prosecutions Charges and dozens of illegal and criminal facts, 27 public prosecutors and 36 defendants, including Liu Han and Liu Wei, and 49 defenders fiercely competed in court ... ⑨ Now, for many years, Liu Han's evil gang has been on the side of the calamity. He was finally brought to justice, a victory for legal justice.
The fact that sentence ① was arrested by the subject-predicate structure; sentence ② lack of subject; sentence ③ lack of subject; sentence ④ independent material to prove the difficulty of sentence ⑤ trial and the results of sentence ⑥ have no logic between each other Ju Xun talked about another meaning, that the public prosecutor and the defendant and their defenders were justified; Ju Xun said that the group was brought to justice; X also said it was a victory for justice. All clauses cannot be linked grammatically or semantically, and there are errors such as incomplete subject and predicate, disordered word order, and unclear sentence logic.
The text in this paragraph may be compiled from different articles. Sentences ② to ⑥ are written from the standpoint of law enforcement officers. After hard investigations, prosecutions, and collation of materials, and multi-day trials, the facts of the crime and the prosecution charges are determined. Ju Hai Ju also talked about his views and positions from a first-person perspective.
The central meaning of the text in this paragraph is "It is encouraging that the evil gangs of Liu Hanhei have been brought to justice and legal justice has been extended." The second expression was "After the arrest of Liu Hanhei's evil forces in March, law enforcement officers went through a one-year investigation and 17-day trial, sorted out 20 counts and found out the facts of ten illegal crimes. It was amazing." Again expressing that "Liu Han and Liu Wei have 36 criminal gangs, and after 49 defenders and 27 public prosecutors conducted a fair defense in court, they finally received due legal punishment."
Example 12 ①I have studied the rise and fall of world civilization from the perspective of the construction of innovative culture. ② I learned from my research that ③ the rise and fall of world civilization is always accompanied by cultural innovation, ④ cultural innovation in a certain time and space brings cultural prosperity, ⑤ after prolonging time and space, it is found that a prosperous civilization suddenly declines, ⑥ the reason Either war, civil strife, or the deterioration of the ecological environment, I observed it in a broader and deeper context, and found that the rise and fall of these civilizations and failure to deal with people and nature, people and society, people and people The relationship between man and himself. ⑨This is what we call ecological civilization today.
Sentence ① lacks subject; sentence ② lacks subject; sentence ③④⑤⑥⑦⑧ is not all the content of sentence ② comprehension; sentence ③④⑤ is a phenomenon of cultural prosperity and decline, sentence ⑥ is the cause of the phenomenon; sentence ⑦ is the method and means of research, sentence ⑧ For the observed result of sentence ②, there is a logical problem with sentence ②. Who is the word "this" in the sentence? What is the content of comprehension? Or what was found? Or the whole previous sentence? Or is it a question of the rise and fall of civilization studied? It's a mess.
The meaning expressed in this text is that the author has studied the rise and fall of world civilization from the perspective of the construction of innovative culture. The second is to realize that the rise and fall of world civilization is always accompanied by cultural innovation. The third is to study from the perspective of different time and space backgrounds, to sort out the reasons for the decline of civilization (war, civil strife, and deterioration of the ecological environment). The fourth is that the rise and fall of civilization is related to how well the relationship between man and nature, man and society, man and man, and man and himself is handled. The fifth is the conclusion. The problems of people and society, people and people, and people and themselves mentioned here are exactly the problems of ecological civilization.
Article can be changed to:
The author has studied the rise and fall of world civilization from the perspective of the construction of innovative culture, and realized that the rise and fall of world civilization is always accompanied by cultural innovation. From the perspective of time and space, cultural innovation in a certain time and space has brought cultural prosperity; if time and space are prolonged, the prosperous civilization suddenly declines, and the reason for its decline is war, civil strife, or deterioration of the ecological environment If placed in a broader and deeper context, the rise and fall of these civilizations are all related to the handling of the relationship between man and nature, man and society, man and man, and man and himself. This kind of human-nature, human-society, human-to-human, human-to-self problem is what we call the ecological civilization problem today.
Writing is an activity that requires high basic skills, especially the proficient operation of words, punctuation, vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, which requires long-term reading accumulation and writing training. Writing also has high requirements for the author's logical thinking ability. Without a logical thinking ability, writing an article will lead to self-contradictions, ambiguities, and confusion, which are puzzling and even misunderstanding.
This puts forward higher requirements for editors engaged in text work. Editors are required not only to have a wealth of knowledge, a high degree of control over language, and to master various specifications skillfully, but also a strong sense of responsibility and patience.

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