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About Prophet Information

Zhixian Information is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the publication, management, mining and related services of scientific and technological documents. The purpose is to provide scientific and technical personnel with a full range of scientific and technological information services and actively promote the development of "open access" in China. Zhixian Information has established a professional R & D and service team, and is currently a software internship base for Northwestern Polytechnical University. It has undertaken a number of national innovation funds, 863 projects, and science and technology development planning projects in Shaanxi Province. Scientific research projects.

Zhixian Information included the Sancai TM periodical editing system in August 2009. Based on the NoteFirst reference management software, it extended its services to periodical editing and digital publishing services, realizing the strategic extension and improvement of the company's core business. , Constitutes a comprehensive scientific and technological information service platform.

About Editor's House

The Editor's House is a network platform for journal editors' information exchange organized by Zhixian Information. It collects new information in the journal industry, gathers the opinions of many industry experts, and is committed to providing professional, convenient and friendly information communication services for the industry. The website includes modules such as the industry's new developments, conference notifications, open access, sharing of editing experiences, and discussions on the construction of journal network.

About Sancai Technology and SancaiTM Periodical Editing System

Sancai Technology is a professional software developer and system service provider in the field of periodical networking. The chief creator has long been the editor-in-chief of the Chinese science and technology core journal "Electronic Design Engineering". , Web spiders and other fields in a number of national and scientific research projects in Shaanxi Province.

TM 期刊采编服务系统是目前国内易用、专业的采编服务平台。 Sancai TM Periodical Acquisition Service is an easy-to-use and professional acquisition service platform in China. 先驱 者。 Since the main creator has many years of journal editing experience, he better understands the actual needs and editing habits of the editorial department. Its simple operation, humanized design, and attention to detail have won high satisfaction among users. The technology of metadata extraction and automatic reference proofreading make it a technology pioneer in similar products .

About Electronic Design Engineering

"Electronic Design Engineering" was founded in 1993 and is hosted by Xi'an Zhixian Information Technology Co., Ltd. It is committed to the new development of electronic components and the sharing of electronic product design experience. It is a national official journal, CN61-1281 / TN. "Electronic Design Engineering" is the core journal of Chinese science and technology.